Israel and Palestine

Justice, Politics and Theology

Israel and Palestine

Justice, Politics and Theology

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“The Holy Land” is a strip of land at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea no more than 85x290 miles and home to just 8 million people. And yet it has special significance for over half of humanity, most of whom will never even visit.

Jews, Christians and Muslims all trace their heritage back over 4000 years to Abraham, to whom God said: “To your offspringI will give this land." (Genesis 12:7) So to whom does the land belong now – and should it?

In this week’s CHOW, we’ll be exploring issues of justice, politics and theology as we ask where the present State of Israel came from and what its relationship is to both the Old Testament people of God and the non-Jewish world.

Are the Jewish people of Israel the victims or the perpetrators of injustice? Both views are presented in the video presentations below which we will include in our discussions:

Click here to download Tim's presenation with sound


Tim Nash

Tim Nash

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Tim Nash

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