Beautiful Business Part II

Beautiful Business Part II

What Can You Do To Make Your Workplace More Beautiful?

Beautiful Business Part II

Beautiful Business Part II

What Can You Do To Make Your Workplace More Beautiful?

Last month's CHOW has sparked an energetic conversation about the relationship between beauty and business.

All of our panellists and many of you have told us that the more they reflect on our question "can a business be beautiful?" the more they find it draws them into a different immagination about what a business is and could be.

But one comment from one of the attendees struck me as important and meaningful enough to continue to explore in a follow-up session. He came to me after the close of the last CHOW with a quizzical look and told me that the subject matter was of some frustration to him. After all, he said, he had spent a long career in business experiencing lots of things that were quite far from what he would call beautiful. He loved the idea of a beautiful business but thought that our CHOW discussion dealt far too much in the realm of the theoretical and did not adequately attend to his desire to know how, in his everyday work, he might express something akin to beauty.

And so part two has the subheading "Making it Work". This is partly a play on Simon's Nash's controversial assertion that a business cannot in fact be beautiful - and that only our work, our personal subjective work, deserved to have the title of beauty attributed to it.

But it's also an attempt to reground the discussion in a way that will protect us from merely providing people with some light relief in the form of nice (but impractical) ideas and help us to commit to delivering a few insights to the CHOW community that can be absorbed, chewed over and perhaps even acted upon.

We began the session last month, called "Can a Business be Beautiful?" by asking each of the panellists to deliver a pre-prepared short talk as an answer to the question "What makes a business beautiful? Here are audio recordings of the four responses given by our four panellists.

glenda rivoallan 170Glenda Rivoallen 

michelle mcmahon 170Michelle McMahon

david warr 1David Warr

simon nash 170Simon Nash

And you can read blog posts reflecting on the session and the themes discussed by David

And by Glenda here

For those who could not join us last time, here is a reminder of the panselists and thier profiles:

Michelle McMahon leverages legal, finance and board experience to consult on philanthropic and social finance initiatives

David Warr runs Coopers Coffee which very directly helps to energise and fuel the work and passions of a very significant number of us in Jersey. Coopers is one of the oldest remaining locally owned Jersey companies and trades from three sites on Jersey.

Simon Nash is the founder of a start-up business called Insight. Its mission is to change the thinking of businesses about people and work. Formerly global HR Director of an international professional services firm.

Glenda Rivoallan is the Founder and CEO Soulgenic Ltd Soulgenic; a content media company that originates and distributes high value content assets in the health and fitness industry.

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Paul Milbank

Paul Milbank

Director of the Business Connect Trust, which works to integrate Christian faith, thought and spirituality with the life of the business community; Director of Freedom for Life Ministries, helping ex-prisoners to integrate back into the community.
Theology student and Christian mission worker whose life’s work is integration.
His dream is to be involved in establishing organisations that operate out of a new theological and economic imagination. This mostly involves messing around and experimenting to see what sticks. 
As a theology student he is committed to digging deep into the wells of Christian Spirituality and history to find the resources necessary to authentically live out the Way of Jesus in a brave new world. 

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