Are You Busy Enough?

Are You Busy Enough?

Work, Time and Being Human

Are You Busy Enough?

Are You Busy Enough?

Work, Time and Being Human

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In 1973 Pink Floyd released the iconic LP Time. The album’s title track included these poignant lyrics

And you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking
Racing around to come up behind you again
The sun is the same in a relative way, but you're older
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death

The truths about our existence that lyricist Roger Walters captured in 1973 seem all the more true today.

Life increasingly feels like a race. It seems perfectly clear that everyone is working harder and leading busier lives in order to catch up and stay in the running. It is less clear however, whom exactly it is that we are racing, what we are racing for, and who is setting the pace.

The Psychologist and Columnist Oliver Burkeman has said that we are suffering, not only from a ‘busyness epidemic’ but that moaning about one's schedule has also become, for some, a mark of social status: An addiction both to busyness and to bragging about how busy we are.

However the interesting thing, says Burkeman, is that most of us are not busy-bragging consciously to impress others, but those busy feelings are absolutely real. ‘The real culprit’, he suggests, ‘is a socio-economic system that relentlessly instrumentalises everyone, forcing us to become productivity machines, valued by our output alone.’

What is more, those who claim to have left behind this system to work in more meaningful fields, such as religious workers, are often the most harassed and rushy of us all.

Has our way of life made it increasingly hard for us to untangle our worth as human beings from our levels of busyness? When was the last time you asked someone how they had been, and their response did not include the word “busy”?

In this, the second CHOW of 2017, we invite you to slow down just enough to grab some lunch with others who are working in St Helier, and consider together what all this busyness really means, what it is that we are striving for and how it relates to being human.

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Joining us to spark and inspire our discussion are our two speakers - Harry Boxall, an Entrepreneur working in two of the busiest sectors of all, finance and technology and the Actress Cathy Sara, whose resume includes Downton Abbey, Woman in Black and The Archers. They will each deliver a short talk, in the Pecha Kucha format. 

Providing the soundtrack will be internationally renowned Cellist and Director of The Kings Chamber Orchestra, Gerard le Feuvre

And of course, in the Spirit of CHOW, we’ll be relying on you to converse with your tablemates and enrich our discussion with some memorable and insightful comments and questions.

…Oh and the food and coffee will be good too.

So we encourage you to utilise your lunchbreak effectively and join us. What could be a better use of your time? Or are you to busy to consider your busyness?

We hope to see you in Church House from 1-2pm.

Please note that you must register to attend CHOW. If you do not register we cannot guarantee you a seat at the event. Please reserve your place here

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