Stimulus (CPD)

What are Stimulus Leadership Seminars (CPD) from Business Connect ?

Business Connect is an influential non-profit business network in the Channel Islands working for the good of society by "reweaving the fabric of true success". The network includes a number of high profile business leaders within the finance sector of Jersey and is open to all.

Stimulus is a series of professional development training sessions (CPD) with some of the world’s most innovative and influential business thinkers; equipping today's leaders to drive business results in tomorrow’s economy.

We believe that professional training is critical to the growth and development of a mature business community. The Channel Islands needs leaders in business who are not only well informed about technical developments in the markets or the legal and regulatory environment; we need leaders who are also well informed about how good businesses can be run, and what makes for true success in business. Ultimately we need leaders who are not just clever, but wise.

What’s different about CPD from Business Connect?

Well, in many ways you may not notice much difference from some of the best local training events. We feature prime leaders from the business community delivering leading edge talks with high quality visuals and handouts. You will notice that the Q&A and discussion sessions are of high quality and well facilitated. We deliver CPD in some of the best hotels in Jersey and Guernsey and continue to provide a hot or continental breakfast, coffees or a light lunch appropriate to the timing and duration of the event. You can also expect efficient and smooth administration of your booking and follow up.

Some of the differences with CPD from Business Connect include the fact that all of our presenters are giving their talk pro bono, even when this is a talk that they deliver elsewhere for a fee. Our speakers are speaking not just from their academic learning and their business experience but also from a passion for their subject, and a desire to see the practice of business improved in the Channel Islands for the good of society. Also with no commercial imperative in the background, our speakers are not tied to a particular corporate line, and can speak freely on their subject without feeling the need to represent any particular organisational viewpoint or stance.

Costs and prices

Professional Development in the Channel Islands has a value, which commercial providers tend to price at between £20 and £100 for a Breakfast Seminar, through £350 for a half day event to about £800 for a day conference. We aim for our events to be just as valuable to you.

Business Connect is a registered non-profit organisation and Stimulus is one of our revenue activities. We will present a guide price for all our events which meets Business Connect's costs and supports our other charitable activities.

We are able to offer training seminars of the very highest quality at such competitive rates because our speakers are often donating their time to our cause. If you are from a large business you might agree to pay £80 or more for training of this kind. Similarly if you are not employed or working in the third sector you might want to pay £20 or less. You can request an invoice after the event for the amount of your choice.We operate on the basis of good faith and will not ask you to justify your decision. We will generate an invoice to for your attendance, either to you or your company, at the price point you choose.

Naturally this means that if either you thought the experience was worthless, or if you are in a position where you cannot afford to pay anything for your professional development, then you may attend without charge.

CPD Certificates

At the end of each event, as well as asking you how much you would like to pay (or be invoiced for), we will ask you whether you require a CPD certificate. CPD certificates of attendance are only available to members of Business Connect and only to attendees who have paid at least the declared cost level for the seminar. You can join Business Connect at any Seminar (and like CPD fees, the price of your annual subscription is up to you to decide).

If you are a member and you have requested a CPD Certificate of attendance for any seminar you have attended, these will be posted to you within a month of the Seminar. Your CPD Certificate of Attendance will show the length of the event to the next nearest half hour, including Q&A, but not including time for breakfast or lunch.

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