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Guest Speaker- Dr Peter Fitch: Learning to Interpret Towards Love

A Christian Pastor's Journey to a New Thought

Guest Speaker- Dr Peter Fitch: Learning to Interpret Towards Love

A Christian Pastor's Journey to a New Thought

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Unfortuately, we lost the last few mins of this talk where Peter gave us a brief intro into one of the argumenets in the book about following the trajectory of scripture. We recomend you look to read the book which can be purchased here

Important to note: Business Connect's membership and those who attend our events represent all the major denominations as well as those who do not consider themselves Christians at all. Within our network is found a diverse range of beliefs and doctrinal allegiance. Therefore, we do not take a particular stance on issues around which there may be dispute but rather see ourselves as a safe place where today's most controversial issues may be discussed peaceably.

The key question that this session will explore is:

is it possible for people of religious faith to come to different conclusions than their Scriptures teach and yet be loyal to the spirit of the message, or must they remain forever under binding legalities of an ancient perspective?

Different groups interpret the Bible according to their core beliefs, emphasizing some ideas while allowing others to lie dormant. In this reflection on the meaning of Scripture, Peter Fitch will argue that that the Bible itself gives many clues as to the appropriate lens with which to read it: love.

It is not meant as a rulebook, binding for all generations; rather, it provides an atmosphere for people to meet with and be transformed by a living God.

Peter will describe his own story of gradually realizing that this truth would lead to a new way of seeing and accepting people with different sexuality. Along the way, he will share the stories of university students and family members, and of a church that wrestled deeply with these issues.

He believes that there are times that the heart can be a better theologian than the brain, and that churches would do well to learn to embrace people of different sexuality. Learning to Interpret Toward Love is a theological explanation of why this is a path to a better future.

As always, Peter is there to provoke and facilitate interactive discussion in the hope that in our dialouge and dissagrement we can learn to think more cleraly about an urgently pressing issue.

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