Do We Need Creeds?

A Closer Look at The Core of Christian Belief

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Do We Need Creeds?

88% of human beings believe in 'god.' Jews believe that "the LORD is one." Muslims believe that "there is no God but Allah." The Bible says "You believe that there is one...

WTC Theology Nerd Special - Part II

With Sarah Hawthornthwaite, Cliff McClelland & Paul Milbank

WTC Theology Nerd Special - Part II

Did you know that you can study theology in Jersey?

WTC is a UK based theological training center offering courses from undergraduate certificates through to post...


Entering the current debate around hell through a new feature film

This week at CHOW we will be delving into one of the most consistent points of debate in the history of the church: The nature and existence of hell.

We will be...


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