Entering the current debate around hell through a new feature film

This week at CHOW we will be delving into one of the most consistent points of debate in the history of the church: The nature and existence of hell.

We will be...

Loving the Hell Out of People

With Kevin Houiellebecq of Freedom for Life MInistries

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Loving the Hell Out of People

The ministry of Jesus was extraordinarily clear and precise. He knew who He was and why He came to earth. His focus, His priorities and His mission were clear for all to see....

Can Jesus Heal the Gender Wars?

Bishops and ministry in a decaying church

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We thought that last week's session seemed to generate enough interest and discussion to warrant some further exploration of the topical issue of gender roles in the church...

Head 2 Head Part II

The second debate in our series; this time we explore gender and the church

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Head 2 Head Part II

This week at CHOW - as General Synod prepares to debate the role of women in the leadership of the Church of England - we at CHOW we are gearing up for part two of our 'Head...


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