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Good Enough

Richard Beck on shunning 'excellence'

Good Enough

In the language of the psychologist Barry Schwartz, I tend to be a satisficer rather than maximizer when it comes to getting things done. That is, I tend to aim for "good...

Myth 8: Give To Get

It was once suggested to me that the key to networking is the approach 'Give To Get'. There was something about this which immediately jarred with me. Giving to someone with...

One Eye Or Two

There is an expression in Chinese to the effect that the only people who can see the shape of the mountain are those that are not on it: you can only see the distinctive...

Myth 5: Be The Perfect Professional

As a child my family rarely received visitors at home neither my parents friends or my friends from school. When Dad returned from work he threw his shoes off and headed for...


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