The Soulful Leader

The Soulful Leader

Learning to lead with your whole self

The Soulful Leader

The Soulful Leader

Learning to lead with your whole self

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The whole world is awash with talk about leadership. According to the TEDsters and the popular business authors, intelligent and informed leadership will one day save the world. According to the Trumpsters and the Brexiteers weak and complacent leadership is costing us our seat at the table of history. Strong, decisive and no nonsense leaders are required to defend our shores and national identities from the onslaught of hostile forces.

This fixation on the role of the “leader” in solving our problems also has a local precedent. The worthiness of Jersey’s Minsters is usually assessed according to the standard of the “leadership” with which they execute their roles.

Yet what is it that we really want?

According to a very popular Forbes article, the 10 most sought after qualities in a business context include honesty, commitment and confidence. In the political realm these woolly attributes usually give way to talk of strength, power and decisiveness.

How are these going for us so far?

How might we imaginatively begin to rewrite the script about what it means to be leaders who shape the environments in which we operate in a way that is life giving for everyone involved?

And how might people of faith be the change we wish to see in the world by embodying a way of leading which more closely reflects who God is and therefore who we also were made to be?

What about joy? What about peacefulness? What about love?

What about soulfulness?

In this, our first CHOW of 2017, we will explore the idea of “The Soulful Leader”.
mark barrett square  kevin keenphil le cheminant
Our speakers for the session are two local leaders who bring very different backgrounds and realms of experience into this discussion.

We will hear from Mark Barrett and Kevin Keen:

Mark is a the newly arrived Vicar of St Andrews Church and who, along with his theological understanding, also brings his experience of a previous career in architecture.

Kevin is arguably the closest thing Jersey has to an genuine business guru. He is most well known for his Gordon Ramsayesque ability to take struggling but well-meaning local organisations and transforms their fortunes, their public image and their ability to sustain themselves (think Durrell, Jersey Post andJersey Dairy, amongst others). Kevin is also ramping up the quality of the local conversation about leadership with his extraordinarily successful Leadership Conference.

Providing the soundtrack to this discussion will be Phil Le Cheminant.

And of course, in the Spirit of CHOW, we’ll be relying on you to converse with your tablemates and enrich our discussion with some memorable and insightful comments and questions.

…Oh and the food and coffee will be good too.

We hope to see you in Church House from 1-2pm.

Please note that you must register to attend CHOW. If you do not register we cannot guarantee you a seat at the event. Please register here

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