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Myth 5: Be The Perfect Professional

Myth 5: Be The Perfect Professional

Myth 5: Be The Perfect Professional

Myth 5: Be The Perfect Professional

As a child my family rarely received visitors at home neither my parents friends or my friends from school. When Dad returned from work he threw his shoes off and headed for the sofa and a spot of TV. It was very unusual for people to visit our home. I remember on more than one occasion the door bell ringing from an unexpected guest and Dad reaching for the remote control, putting the TV on mute and making my Mum, sister and I hide behind the sofa and pretend no-one was in. Even then I think I realised that this probably wasn't how 'normal' families behaved. This is one of the reasons I'm passionate about relationships.

Occasionally you meet someone who gives the impression they are infallible and invincible. The portrayal of the perfect upbringing, education, career, family and life is hard to believe. The truth is that humans relate to humans not super humans. There is nothing wrong and everything right, about being professional however we need to be human.

The public figures who connect most effectively with the general public are those with a common touch. They genuinely empathise with and have an emotional connection with people and the impact proves the difference it makes.

For 'normal' people like you and me simply sharing our failures and fears, hopes and aspirations makes the difference. Being human can mean taking responsibility for a mistake or apologising for saying the wrong thing.

People warm to real people. A little bit of vulnerability says I trust you and I'd like to develop our relationship further. Take one small step back from being the perfect professional today and show people some more of the real unedited you

This is the fifth Relationology Tip in a ten part series 'The 10 Myths of Networking'. See the rest of the series and sign up to Matt's blog here

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