Jesus and the Racing Rat

Geoff Shattock at CHOW

Jesus and the Racing Rat

Geoff Shattock at CHOW

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Geoff Shattock is Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director of WORKTALK, a leading provider of resources to help people work well by working spiritually.

A physiologist, stress psychobiologist and ordained minister, Geoff has pioneered teaching, training and coaching for churches, charities, businesses and individuals for over twenty years and has worked with the UK's national government task force on employment projects. A member of the International Stress Management Association he has also completed a research project on the impact of faith on occupational stress. Geoff is a major conference speaker, broadcaster & writer who manages to combine his accessible speaking style with communicating powerful life changing thinking. He has recently published a book on the working methods of Jesus of Nazareth.

Geoff's talk will be an overview of his book by the same title (see here), which looks at seven areas of working life (work life ballace / stress management etc.) and asks the question "How did Jesus handle these things and how can that change the way that we do?"

Hope to see you there and please comment below

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