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Colin Powell on "The Fall of Jersey"

Colin Powell on "The Fall of Jersey"

We Interview Colin Powell on the Guardian's Controversial Article

Colin Powell on "The Fall of Jersey"

Colin Powell on "The Fall of Jersey"

We Interview Colin Powell on the Guardian's Controversial Article

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In December the 'Guardian Online' website featured an article by Oliver Bullough provocatively entitled “The Fall of Jersey: How a Tax Haven Goes Bust”. Since then, the article has been shared over 8500 times on social media and has attracted over 1000 comments on the Guardian website. According to the Guardian Editor it was "the Long Read’s 9th most read piece of 2015, and has had over 10,000 hits in Jersey alone."

The primer to the article states that ‘Jersey bet its future on finance but since 2007 it has fallen on hard times and is heading for bankruptcy.’ Bullough goes on to tell the story of an island who’s glossy and prosperous surface hides a hidden reality of financial desperation and the looming prospect of ruin. Jersey “cannot live forever from finance” he says in his closing line “it looks like it is going to die in the attempt.” Many of the names mentioned in the article will be familiar to islanders. In particular Colin Powell - whose name is mentioned 9 times, and whose role in the story of Jersey’s rise as a financial centre is given centre stage by Bullough - will be familiar to members and followers of Business Connect as a regular attendee at our events and as a former speaker and panellist.

After reading and discussing the article amongst the Business Connect team we became curious as to what Powell, who is currently the Advisor to the States of Jersey on International Affairs, would himself make of his portrayal and what, for that matter, he would make of the whole story of Jersey’s rise and fall as told by Bullough. 

We decided to find out by inviting Powell to join us at CHOW for a personal and in depth interview, both as a ‘right to reply’ in a personal capacity and as an opportunity for the CHOW community to engage with some of the more contested ideas from a faith perspective. We hope this will give a perhaps more personal and nuanced story than the one offered to Guardian readers in December. 

We invite you to join us at CHOW where Colin Powell will be interviewed by Simon Nash before a time of open question and response. 

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