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CHOW Election Special: Jersey's Digital Hustings!

Who Would You Propose?

CHOW Election Special: Jersey's Digital Hustings!

Who Would You Propose?

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This week Digital Jersey has announced the development of a technological device that can digitally reincarnate any person, alive or dead!

The device has been completed just in time for the election opening the possibility for any leader – current or from history – to be digitally reincarnated to stand for election as a senator or Deputy in the States of Jersey.

We have selected a panel of people from across Jersey society who will each have 5 minutes to propose one leader to our CHOW audience for election to the States of Jersey as a digital Deputy or Senator.

At the end of the session there will be a ballot and the winner of the CHOW digital election will be given a seat in the States.

So far our proposers are:

Retiring Senator Alan Breckon, who will propose Norman le Brocq

Tareq Haddad, Finance worker and Journalism Student who will propose George Washington as a Reform Jersey candidate

Harry McRandle, JEP Business Editor, who will propose Margaret Thatcher

Coleen Carpenter, Member of the group "Jersey in Transition" will propose Mahatma Ghandi

Tony Morling, Minister at St Helier Methodist Centre, will propose John Wesley

and Amy Vatcher, Student at JCG, whose candidate is yet to be announced.

We hope for a good turnout of people ready to place their vote for their chosen digital candidate: We hope you can join us; please feel free to spread the word!

Please note that we will be starting at 1.05pm on the dot this week so please join us early to grab some soup and get settled in. See you on Wednesday at Church House.

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