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Animate I: God | Faith is a Quest

With Brian McLaren

Animate I: God | Faith is a Quest

With Brian McLaren

“If you ask me, ‘Is God real?’ I first have to ask, ‘Which God are we talking about?’” With these words, Brian McLaren gives voice to a common struggle among people of faith—who exactly is this God we worship? Is God a mighty fortress, solid and unchanging? Is God a mystical, unknowable force that floats around us like a vapor?

How can we speak of faith if we can’t even speak of God with any certainty? How can we chart a course through the often-murky waters of Christian tradition and find our way to God?

Brain McLaren

Brian McLaren grabbed the attention of disenchanted Christians with his book, A New Kind of Christianity (2001). Later in 2005, he was named one of Time magazine’s “25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America.” Brian’s influence has been the result of his willingness to admit that he isn’t always sure about his faith and that he usually has far more questions than answers.
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