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Who we are...

Business Connect is a collaborative network located in the business community of the Channel Islands working together toward the common good in the business and public arenas.

In particular we are exploring the relationships between the worlds of Christian faith, business, public leadership, work and entrepreneurship in the shifting global landscape. 

We seek to become a community of mutual support, creativity, encouragement, hospitality and faithful practice in the business sector as a Christian response to the challenges of today's business and economic environment.

Through various shared projects we hope to facilitate and stimulate business practice and community engagement that encourages human flourishing, transformation, and the fulfillment of potential; individual, institutional and societal.

The Network is open to all in Jersey and Guernsey; from business and political leaders, through professionals, working people and the retired, to those seeking work or relying upon the economic contribution of business in the Channel Islands.

Business Connect is a faith-based organisation, funded and led by Christians from many different churches and denominations. 

We are business people, students, professionals, writers, theologians, entrepreneurs, activists, mission workers, unemployed people, retirees, public sector workers, politicians, and faith leaders. (see some of our people)

What we do...

Our work is focused towards five primary objectives:

1) Gathering people for holistic and creative discussion and the sharing of ideas and perspectives

2) Facilitating entrepreneurial activity and business start-ups by connecting people with business ideas, resources, and expertise

3) Harnessing the knowledge and experience within our network to offer fresh thinking on social and economic strategy

4) Offering professional training to the whole business community that draws in experts from multiple fields to examine questions about wise and integrated leadership

5) Serving Christians towards a more authentic integration of their faith with their working lives through the facilitation of biblical study, prayer and theological discussion.

Our method involves prioritising four things:

1) The importance of relationships

2) Practicing “paradoxical curiosity”: listening to and harmonising different perspectives

3) The hosting of space for creative discussion and the arts

4) The willingness to take risks


Business Connect
c/o The Deanery Office

Dumaresq St, St Helier, Jersey


Tel: +44 (0) 7700 351709
Email: info@businessconnect.je

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