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The Hidden Agendas of Big Food and Pharma

The Hidden Agendas of Big Food and Pharma

Are we being deceived about our health?

The Hidden Agendas of Big Food and Pharma

The Hidden Agendas of Big Food and Pharma

Are we being deceived about our health?

Felicity Corbin Wheeler presents a 90 minute live Get Well Stay Well program every Friday on Christian Revelation TV. This reaches 169 countries by satellite TV, and is available 24/7 on www.revelationtv.com. Thousands have reversed heart disease, cancer and diabetes on her program, which is based on Genesis 1:29 and 30.

Originally a British Red Cross nurse, and later a researcher in the Houses of Parliament in London, she is a Jersey woman and has a lawyer son and daughter living in the island.

The family lost another daughter, Melanie, to cancer in Jersey at the age of 20, despite all that orthodox medicine could offer.

This led Felicity on to research cures for cancer and was shocked to discover so many natural cures like laetrile were banned by Big Pharma. When Felicity succumbed to pancreatic cancer here in Jersey in 2003, she followed to the letter the Gerson Therapy founded by Dr. Max Gerson. Although this detox treatment had cured hundreds of patients, this was, and still is, also banned by Big Pharma.

Felicity was incensed and determined to tell the world about these natural, non toxic, inexpensive ways of not only curing cancer and all other disease, but PREVENTING them with an intelligent change of lifestyle from processed, GM, chemical foods to the vegan, organic diet, healthy exercise, oxygenation and vitally, stress management.

Felicity works with some of the world's finest physicians who fearlessly speak out the truth about Big Food and Big Pharma. She leads Get Well Stay Well Courses around the world, including the Royal Society of Medicine in London, for intelligent people who understand the hidden agendas.

This April Felicity was invited to speak at the Integrated Health Cure to Cancer Conference in San Diego, and she is delighted to accept an invitation to address the CHOW lunch in Jersey on Wednesday 10th September at 1 pm.

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