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That Sainsbury's Advert!

That Sainsbury's Advert!

Armistice, Advertising and Propaganda

That Sainsbury's Advert!

That Sainsbury's Advert!

Armistice, Advertising and Propaganda

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Occasionally a television commercial will illicit a widespread response sparking discussion far beyond the produt it was intended to market; few have done so quite as much as the recent Sainsbury's advert featuring a dramatisation of the Christmas Day Armistice of 1914; an event we will remember the one hundredth anniversary of this December 25th.

Opinions over the advert have ranged from extravagant praise of the artistic integrity and moving imagery of the piece to outright condemnation at the notion of using a tragic event in a tragic war to sell a supermarket: It has certainly captured the national imagination.

This week at CHOW we will take a closer look at the advert and the events it portrays and discuss together into which category we might place it; just poor taste, good art in a good cause, or sinister psychological propaganda?

Simon Nash will lead our discussion as well as sharing some of his research into the actual events that took place in 'no man's land' 100 years ago this month before drawing some conclusions on what the Spirit might say to the Church through an exploration of the advert and the events behind it.

Hope you can join us for the penultimate CHOW of 2014.


Simon Nash

Simon Nash

Founder of a start-up business called Insight. Its mission is to change the thinking of businesses about people and work. Formerly global HR Director of an international professional services firm and churchwarden of an Anglican parish, Simon has been having a year of reinvention, recovery and renewal. Simon lives in Jersey with Katie and their three boys; Edward, Adam and Benedict 

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