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Church House On Wednesday

CHOW is Business Connect’s regular informal theological discussion forum.

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By - Election Special

By - Election Special

An exercise in Christian Civic Engagement

By - Election Special

By - Election Special

An exercise in Christian Civic Engagement

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Next week we have a CHOW St Helier By-Election Special.

We have invited all of the 9 by-election candidates across the two districts to join us at CHOW for an open discussion on a variety of issues that are likely to matter to the faith community

Some of the subjects we hope to discuss (rather ambitiously for a 40 min lunch meeting) are:

Sunday Trading

Minimum Wage

Civil religion at state occasions

Equal (Gay) Marriage

Tax subsidy of established church

International aid


So far 5 candidates have agreed to join us and we are hoping to hear from the rest over the weekend. We very much look forward to welcoming the candidates with some customary CHOW hospitality in an atmosphere of friendship and welcome, whilst also seeking to engage honestly and sincerely with their ideas and proposed policies.

You may wish to submit questions for the candidates below or send them to paul@businessconnect.je

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