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Church House On Wednesday

CHOW is Business Connect’s regular informal theological discussion forum.

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Lunch tmrw on impact of posttruth culture and politics featuring @Kit_Ashton, @BenShenton & @timfnash Register here: https://t.co/IQ6xQFbzMH
I've seen the slide decks for today's Pecha Kucha talks and they looks quite brilliant. Join us at lunchtime: https://t.co/mPJIacWmkN
CHOW next Weds: Beyond busyness - towards meaning. Harry Boxal, Cathy Sara and Gerard le Feuvre https://t.co/9LjxPJI7Ym
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The Kingdom of God and...a new CHOW series

Gavin ashenden gets us started with "the kingdom of god and demons"

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This CHOW will be the first in a series leading towards the summer in which we will be inviting some guest speakers to CHOW.

Last week we ended our Ask Anything...

Ask Anything @ CHOW

a chow where you get to decide the content

Next week at CHOW we are having another of our "Ask Anything" sessions, where the topics of discussion will be determined by anyone who makes a comment online in the comments...

On Tuesday this week the UK Government are voting on the issue of 'same sex marriage'. A hot topic for those inside and outside of the Church. This week, we'll look inside...

Israel and Palestine

Justice, Politics and Theology

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“The Holy Land” is a strip of land at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea no more than 85x290 miles and home to just 8 million people. And yet it has special...

Good News?

The Gospel Across the Spectrum

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Christianity offers Good News to the world. But what is it?

The Christian message is distinguished from other kinds of good news by the technical term...

Back to Normal?

Redefining Sucess

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Last Thursday's news reported that the UK economy had grown at its fastest rate since 2007 prompting one of the largest collective sighs of relief across the business and...


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