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Tales of Courage and Perseverance

Inspiration From My Father

Tales of Courage and Perseverance

Born and raised in Mafraq, a small city in the Jordanian desert 80km north of the capital, Amman, my father was always extremely intelligent and hard-working. With all those...

Myth 5: Be The Perfect Professional

As a child my family rarely received visitors at home neither my parents friends or my friends from school. When Dad returned from work he threw his shoes off and headed for...

Performance Management Without Tears

A vision of hope for the management of work

Performance Management Without Tears

There is an organisation I know well, which is not my present employer I should add, that is having problems with its performance management methodology. Its leaders have...

It’s just business, nothing personal

When was the last time you found yourself saying that - either to yourself or someone else? In these intensely competitive times, it's a phrase that's easy to come by as we...

Bishop Tim Dakin, Speaks about Business Connect

Bishop Tim Daikin recently became the Patron of Business Connect. In this talk (excerpt) at a rededication service for St Helier Parish Church he emphasises that it is...

Fail Better

When was the last time you fell 'flat on your face'? A couple of weeks ago it happened to me. I had set myself the goal of doing something and I completely failed. Ouch! A...


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