Startup Connect

What is it?

Startup Connect provides opportunities for the Christian community to contribute practical resources to get worthwhile business endeavours off the ground. We invite people with business ideas to join a community of support who will travel with them through every aspect of the journey of launching their business. We aim to greatly increase the likelihood of the success of each enterprise and remove the barriers to great things getting started and brilliant ideas becoming reality.

What are our values?

We operate with three core values:

  • Generosity
  • Setting helpful boundaries
  • Prayer 

Who benefits?

The programme aims to impact beneficially:

Individual Entrepreneurs with great business ideas

We resource passionate people with great ideas through supportive relationships. Nobody has all the skills required to make a start-up business a success in our challenging economic climate. We will work to plug individuals and their ideas in to a wider network who are seeking to share their skills, resources and advice on the basis of gift and fellowship.

The Business Connect Community

Business Connect is a Christian organisation seeking to create and sustain a community of mutual support, creativity, encouragement, hospitality and faithful practice in the business sector.

We believe that meaningful relationships are formed and strengthened in the process of working together in collective endeavours. We also believe that the gifts, opportunities and resources that we posses are not primarily given to us for our own benefit but for the benefit of others.

Exercising generosity creates an economy and culture of gift and trust amongst the members of the network, feeding into our wider objective to become the kind of distinctive community that can sustain Christian virtue and can witness to the character of God.

The Jersey Church and Wider Society

Economic diversification and social and organisational innovation are vital to the longer-term health of Jersey society. The church will also benefit as its imagination is stretched to think about different and more “of the moment” ways of expressing the Christian faith and Christian fellowship that can meet people in their ordinary everyday concerns.

What does it look like?

Entrepreneurs will go through five stages as they move along the Startup journey. Each stage includes meetings with experts and coaches people, shared meals, research projects and occasionally residential learning experiences.

  • Application

    Startup ideas are submitted through an application and selection proces.

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  • Relationships

    The Startup team meet with the potential entrepreneur to hear their story, connect them into the network and introduce them to a mentor and an advisor.
  • Refining

    Entrepreneurs are helped to refine and evaluate their business plans ready to be pitched to investors. This may be done in the context of a "cohort" alongside other entrepreneurs.
  • Startup

    We help to gather the resources necessary for the strongest possible start. We then help to establish patterns of support and advice.
  • Evaluation

    Startup Connect revisits and evaluates how well the startup process has gone. The entrepreneur is encouraged to become a part of the process of helping others behind them to startup. Sucesses and lessons are celebrated!

Who is behind it?

Startup Connect is a project of the Business Connect Network

The executive team are:


Church House, Church Street,
St Helier, Jersey C.I., JE2 3NN
Phone: +44 (0) 1534 736 734

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